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Education: London Business School (LBS)

Height: 166 cm

Breast size: 34 C

Dress size: 8

Hair colour: Brunette



Yuki is articulate, witty and intelligent. She had a Psychology degree from a top English university London Business School (LBS) and enjoy long discussions about science, politics, travel & culture. She has chosen to specialise in the psychology of sex, with a view to become a sex therapist within the next two years. Consequently, Yuki is very knowledgeable about the psychology and physiology of sex, across all genders, sexualities, kinks, fetishes and relationship styles. Yuki is sex positive and judgement free, meaning she can discuss your sexual needs and desires in confidence. Throughout your time together, you will see Yuki is sweet, kind and caring, with a great deal of empathy. Yuki hopes for you to not only share an unforgettable sexual experience, but also some laughs and smiles, too. 

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