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Terms & Conditions


1. Visit our rate in here

​Advance deposit is USD $1,200 to confirm your booking

Email us after your PayPal payment for the confirmation. 

Pay first and we can answer your inquiry.


2. All models' information and a confirmation of lump sum payment or an invoice can only be issued after the deposit payment has been made. Our operator will contact client after we receive client's payment and we can issue an invoice if needed.

3. We only hired Local Japanese and UK/USA/EU published magazine models or porn stars. Our exclusive rate is NOT negotiable.

4. All international travel bookings need to pay 70% of deposit in advance. Only in this way, your reservation can be recognised as "confirmed". The reason why you need to do so is because you are booking with real models and porn stars!!


5. If the hostess or you are clearly not each other's type when our lady arrives the date, 50% of cancellation fee  will be charged.  

6. If client wish to cancel the online reservation before the booking date, 50% cancelation fee required to be paid to our agency for your original booking.

However, if client re-book our service again online, this cancelation fees can be deducted from your next online reservation and client will only pay for the remaining amount of the services.

If client breach this term we will not accept any further bookings from him.


We can take your booking under these terms.

Methods Of Payments





CASH: We accepted all currency for YEN, USD, GBP and Euros. 


BANK TRANSFER: International order to our bank account. Our bank details will be transmitted by email.


DEPOSITS : For all reservations involving our models travelling outside of Japan, we will request 70% of payment deposit (in order to book for her international flight ticket and five-star hotel's accommodation) to confirm the reservation.


PAYMENTS: For all dates, the rule is to pay the hostess the agreed sum on meeting together, and without her having to ask you. Should you wish to use the currency other than the US Dollars or Japanese Yen for payment, kindly inform the agency before and to allow us to quote the exact sum depending on the daily exchange rate.


CANCELLATIONS: During the date, both you and the hostess are free to terminate if either of you are clearly not each other's "type".  50% Cancellations fee will be applied with Tokyo Porn Stars Escort Agency.